Donate to the Defense Fund of the District 1 House Seat!

Alaska Republicans, we need your help!

District 1 House Seat needs our help.

Our Republican candidate, Bart LeBon, is in the battle of his political life.

A close race turned into a tied race and the tied race may turn into a lost race.

“Someone” has found additional votes, which put the race into a supposed tie. Then, an additional ballot was “found” that just may give the race to the Democrats.

Why is this race so significant?

The control of the Alaska State House is at risk. We could end up in a 20/20 split in House seats and the Republican-led caucus crumbling.

A Democrat-led caucus would hamper our new governor’s “Alaska is Open for Business” agenda.

We’re mounting a defense fund now to guard the integrity of the election.

Go to and click the “donate” icon to contribute.

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These matching funds are in $500 denominations.

Let’s show these matching donors our appreciation by contributing to this worthy cause.

Do this today. We need your help. Thank you!

Glenn Clary

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