Financial support is the oxygen keeping the Alaska GOP alive.

The Alaska GOP Freedom Club has created a new level of donorship through which dedicated Alaskan GOP members can provide the support for our state’s GOP administrative purposes. The new donor group “The Freedom Club Founder’s Circle” is special and limited.

Founder’s Circle members’ contributions will be the fuel to operate the Alaska GOP’s administrative engine. It will propel the Alaska GOP into a new era of leadership and activism in furthering our Republican Ideal’s and Principals. This is a limited membership with a special distinction for a select few. These GOP supporters who commit to a large monthly (or one-time annual) donation can rest assured that their support will be the fuel of progress and change.

  • Invitation Only
  • One Time Offer
  • $6,000 annual commitment
  • Limited initial membership of 30 donors
  • Recognition by the Alaska GOP
  • Opportunities to further support GOP activities
  • Special invitation events and opportunities
  • Name added to Founder’s Circle plaque
  • Ensure a Vibrant, Growing & Strong AKRP

For more information contact:

Jason Warfield
ARP Finance Chairman
907-229-1200 /

The Founder’s Circle is the foundation for the Alaska Republican Party. Help us build this Party, so we can Hire, Work, and Win!

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