There is a magic wand fix to organizing future Alaska House Session

Alaskans elected a majority of Republicans to represent them in the State House. They also overwhelmingly elected Governor Dunleavy and his promises of change, PFD returns, budget reductions, and fighting crime. However, those who Alaskans elected to represent them in the House are stalemated and refuse to organize to get the people’s work done.

These next two sessions could be the worst obstructionist sessions ever in Alaska’s political history. The only way to truly fix this devastating dilemma is to help the Alaska Republican Party (ARP) make sure it doesn’t ever happen again.  This is the magic wand to fix the problem. However, there is nothing magical about it.  It is going to take a lot of hard work and money!

The ARP is designing a comprehensive candidate vetting system. Future candidates who desire the Party’s help and/or endorsement to get elected must pass our vetting process before they receive any support from the Party.

The ARP is developing comprehensive leadership curriculum to train District Leadership. This will organize our forty districts to effectively get out the vote for approved Republican candidates.

These two campaign components are critical to secure Republican success in the State House and Senate for the 2020 session. We need your financial help to make it all happen.  Your contribution is essential to our future successes. Donations are needed now! We can not wait until the next election. We are ready to make this happen, but we need your support.  

You can be part of this magic wand of the future, to elect legislators who will work with our Governor and get the people’s work done. You can help the Party by contributing, so we can complete and implement these needed steps in the candidate selection process. Go to and click on the “DONATE” icon to contribute.  

As volunteers we need your support now!

Sincerely, Glenn Clary, Chairman Alaska Republican Party

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