Statement from Alaska Republican Party on the NY Trump Verdict

No President in the history of our country has ever been persecuted like President Donald J. Trump. The weaponization of the justice system against President Trump, as evidenced in this travesty of a verdict, is an outrage and a disgrace to us all. It is also a stark example of where the leftists in our country, with Joe Biden at the helm, have taken our great nation.

President Trump will be victorious in November. We look forward to taking back the White House and getting to work on righting the wrongs the Biden Administration has wrought on our country and our great state.

The Alaska Republican Party stands with President Donald J. Trump. Stand with us.

Carmela J. Warfield

Chairman, Alaska Republican Party

Craig Campbell,

National Committeeman, Alaska Republican Party

Cynthia Henry

National Committeewoman, Alaska Republican Party

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